Life Blueprint Workshop

What if focus were easy?

Example of a Life Blueprint

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Sometimes, I forget what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I can get really bogged down. I feel like I’m not making progress, and what I’m doing doesn’t matter. But then I remember there is an easy way to focus my energy on what is most important to me. Once I look at my Life Blueprint, I know what small sweet step to take next.

What if there were an easy way to focus your energy on what has meaning for you? By keeping what’s important to you in front of you, it makes it easy to live by intention rather than inertia

You’re invited to the Life Blueprint Workshop I’m leading on August 24th from 6-7PM EST. 

You will walk away with an easy way to live by your truest priorities on a daily basis. Not so that you’re doing more- but so that you’re experiencing more ease and joy. Would it be ok with you if life got easier?

Join me on Zoom to create your Life Blueprint. This hour workshop is only $25 for you and a friend!

Upon filling out this form to register you will receive: 

  • A link to secure your spot ($25 for two people)
  • A Zoom Link (be sure to add it to your calendar!)
  • Free digital art (that I made!)

This workshop is for creative people who want to experience more ease in their daily life.

Hear from people who have taken the workshop:

“I feel like I have embodied my ideal life and am living it!” 

“So much joy after the workshop experience, thank you for guiding us through such important and valuable reflections and ways to take action!”

“I’m on track and willing to live life the way I said I would.”

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