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hey y’all!

this summer is hot (and a little scary, among many other things that are scary) and I just feel like every day we get another chance to make the world a better place.

we all want to know that our lives make a difference. but how do we channel our energy (time, money, relationships, physical vitality, creativity, and enjoyment) so that we are living the lives we are meant to live?

I support creative folks to discover their North Star so that they only say yes to what is most important to them. In doing so, they experience greater ease and pleasure as they develop their practice. What does this support look like?

  1. From now until September I’m offering free 1:1 calls so that you can sustain consistent change and be supported 100%. 
  2. Every Monday from July 25th until August 29 at 10 AM EST, I will be going live on Instagram (@emmaosimpson) and reading Mastering Life’s Energies by The Academy for Coaching Excellence founder Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. Join to discover how you can live with greater clarity, focus, ease, and grace.
  3. I am leading Life’s Blueprint Workshops throughout the summer for private businesses. If you’re interested in having me lead one for your company, let’s make it happen!

I know you have what it takes to say, see, and do what it is you truly want and live from your heart.

be so compassionate with yourself. drink lots of water. eat fruit. tell your friends you love them. go to bed.

with love,


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